SHOFAR Anointing Oil 2 oz  Large Bottle
SHOFAR Anointing Oil 2 oz  Large Bottle
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This special blend of pure essential oils was formulated with the Biblical Oils- Frankincense, Myrrh, Onycha and Almond Frankincense represents Purity of Heart, Myrrh represents dying to self and setting your heart apart as holy only unto God. Onycha represents the voice of  authority. Also Almond represents the Spirit filled life.

This blend can be used in anointing horn shofars  and also may be used to anoint any shofar. Also you can apply this oil on the outside surfaces of natural shofars and it will enhance the beauty of the shofar and get rid of the dryness. Also many use this oil inside the shofar to mask the smell that some shofars have.

The Bottle is a 2 oz bottle  that will last a long time.