Supernatural Is Natural Volumes 1 & 2  - Dr Rick Kurnow
Supernatural Is Natural Volumes 1 & 2  - Dr Rick Kurnow
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Now get these 2 books compiled into one

Supernatural Is Natural Volumes 1 & 2 

1. Supernatural Is Natural - The Blessings of Hearing the Voice of God   -  Dr. Rick Kurnow

Join Dr. Rick Kurnow as he shares   personal insights and experiences he has had through learning how to hear the voice of God

and the supernatural blessings that he encountered through obedience to that voice.

This book will inspire you, build your faith and teach you how to make the supernatural a natural experience of life.

2. Supernatural Is Natural - Miracles, Signs & Wonders -  Dr. Rick Kurnow

God wants you to experience Him everyday in a supernatural way.

Dr. Rick Kurnow shares the signs, wonders and miracles he has experienced through having an intimate walk with God.

This book will build your faith and draw you closer to God than you have ever been.