New Covenant Prayer Shawls (1 Dozen) ASSORTED COLORS
New Covenant Prayer Shawls (1 Dozen) ASSORTED COLORS
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Get a dozen assorted Colors of the New Covenant Messianic Tallit Prayer Shawl with Matching Tallit bags included
You will receive 4 - Blue/Gold  4 - Purple/Gold and 4 - Pink/Gold
This beautiful prayer shawl is new. It has been designed by Dr. Rick Kurnow to bring a New Covenant meaning to the traditional Tallit. This new Talit has the ancient Messianic Symbol that was discovered on Mt Zion on artifacts. The traditional Jewish prayer shawl has everything to do with commiting your heart to receive righteousness by following the laws of Moses. But we know that Yeshua fulfilled all the law and we have been covered in His righteousness.

The traditional prayer says in Hebrew " Blessed are you oh Lord King of the Universe who has sanctified us by your commandments and has commanded us to wear the fringes." The new prayer shawl has this prayer on the Atarah (collar) in Hebrew: "Blessed are you oh Lord King of the Universe who has fulfilled all the law through Jesus the Messiah and has covered us in His righteousness". The Hebrew Pronunciation is: "BARUCH ATAH ADONAI ELOHENU MELECH HA’ OLAM ASHER MILLA ET KOL HATORAH BIYASHUa HAMASHIAH IKISSA ET KULANU VETSEDKATO" . The Messianic symbol is prominently displayed on both ends of the collar so when it is worn it shows in fron over both sides of your chest.

On the four corners where the fringes are attached there is placed 4 scriptures that have to do with receiving righteousness through Yeshua and also Healing. The TzitTzit (fringes) have the Blue Thread representing the servant the Messiah.

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