The Divine Reversal - The Transforming Life of Yeshua
The Divine Reversal - The Transforming Life of Yeshua
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Divine Reversal
The Transforming Ethics of Jesus
Rabbi Russell Resnik
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In the Old Testament, God often reversed the plans of man. Yeshua’s ethics continue this theme. Following his path transforms one’s life from within, revealing the source of true happiness, forgiveness, reconciliation, fidelity and love.

In his introduction, Rabbi Russell Resnik writes: “As a Jewish teacher, Jesus doesn’t separate matters of theology from practice. His teaching is consistently practical, ethical, and applicable to real life, even two thousand years after it was originally given.” 167 pages.

"I highly recommend this book."
Jonathan Bernis, President & CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries, Int’l

"“...the idea of reversal behind the ethics of Yeshua is a solid biblical principle."
Daniel C. Juster, Th.D., Director, Tikkun International

"...Messianic Jewish theology at its best."
Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif, Zola Levitt Ministries

"Enjoy the journey and ponder the terrain. There is far more to Jesus than His work on the cross."
Darrell Bock, Researach Professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary