Maxim Super Translation Hebrew English Dictionary CD-Rom
Maxim Super Translation Hebrew English Dictionary CD-Rom
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Maxim is an ultra-functional dictionary for Advanced Interpretation of Hebrew

The dictionary enables a translation of a word, expression or even a complete segment of text bilaterally between Hebrew and English.

The software includes connections to an internet encyclopedia (for up-to-date definitions) and to dictionaries of the following languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and German.

The text or the translated site is viewable in detailed form for consideration by the user.
Furthermore, the software includesLegal / Judicial lexicon and connection to the Medical lexicon for even the most obscure terms needed by professionals.

The dictionary even contains a table with over 8000 verb conjugations in English and Hebrew.

For Advanced Translation Needs

Functions of the Maxim Dictionary:

Can be used for Text Translation
Contains tables of verb conjugations
Contains Obscure Terms
Contains Specialized Professional Terms

Advanced Translation Technology

Use it for education, correspondence, and research...

Can translate just about anything text based!

Just input the words you have questions about; English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English! 

The Most Advanced Dictionary!

Media: CD-ROM. Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Israeli Price is 799 Shekels = $213!!! (10/5/13)