Hebrew Verbs and Conjugations Book + DVD
Hebrew Verbs and Conjugations Book + DVD
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Master the Verbs and Conjugations of Hebrew
With a full Color Book and DVD!

This high-quality, multi-color book helps learners understand the principles of Hebrew verb construction andconjugation.

It is The Friendliest Grammar tutorial ever printed, visually reinforcing the unique structure of Hebrew verbs. All verbs are printed with letters denoting vowel sounds.

Includes a 230 Page Full Color Book and a DVD

The Book is Divided into three parts:
Hebrew English Dictionary
A Guide to Hebrew Verbs
264 Verb Tables
Comprising 4,000 useful Hebrew verbs translated into English. 

The dictionary also provides a short summary of the Hebrew alphabet and vowel signs.
Complete and Comprehensive. It allows you to look for a particular verb and its conjugation pattern.

It includes verbs from spoken language and even slang.
Arranged according to the 7 Hebrew verb groups (binyanim). Divided into different conjugations of each verb group

Each verb group is further divided into different conjugations and then tenses.
The book also comes with a full DVD! 
Two professional narrators, one male and one female, read aloud all the verb forms thus exemplifying correct pronunciation.