HEBREW WORD PICTURES - Book & CD - Illustrated
HEBREW WORD PICTURES - Book & CD - Illustrated
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Only a few years after being published, over 40,000 pastors, Bible teachers and other individuals across the country are using this book, and this number is growing rapidly. It is now rewritten and beautifully illustrated so that every layman Christian can understand, enjoy and treasure. "Hebrew Word Pictures" is a wonderful enrichment to anyone who loves the Bible. It was written by Dr. Frank T. Seekins, who has spent 12 years developing and arranging the archaic Hebrew letters into a complete concept that is both enlightening and heart warming.

What is a word picture?


  • In ancient Hebrew, like in Chinese and ancient Egyptian, every word is formed by adding pictures together to "paint" or illustrate the meaning of the word. A word picture is a word that is described by pictures.
  • You don't have to be able to read Hebrew in order to understand and to use this book effectively when you read the Bible.
  • When Hebrew was first written, each letter represented both a sound and a picture. Even if you or the people you teach are not familiar with the Hebrew sounds and have no experience with this language, the pictures you see inside the words will speak for themselves.
Updated! We now carry the new version of the book. It has 60 new pages with many Hebrew examples and references, plus the book includes an Audio CD that will help you learn the word pictures and hear all the examples on your home stereo.