$50.00 Gift Certificate/ Certificado de Regalo por USD$ 50.00
$50.00 Gift Certificate/ Certificado de Regalo por USD$ 50.00
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Give a Gift Certificate to that someone special. Let them choose from our hundreds of meaningful unique products.
A shopping Spree is always fun!

Redeeming your gift certificate is easy:
1. we will email you a special gift certificate code
2. The certificate holder can go to the web site place their order and at checkout enter the code in the "ENTER DISCOUNT CODE" box
3. When you proceed to the next page which is the billing page it will automatically deduct the amount of the certificate from the total.
4. The certificate holder can also call our office at 610-476-2288 M-F 9AM -5PM Pacific time and place the order over the phone

When purchasing the gift certificate our website will charge you shipping. We do this if you want us to mail you a physical gift certicate for gift giving - if you do not want a physical gift certificate but just the code then choose the option for "CODE ONLY" and it will deduct the amount charged for shipping.

Gift Certificates Must be Purchased separately from other Products
Purchase 1 Gift Certificate per Transaction

All Prices in US Dollars / Todos los Precios en Dólares