Dance Ministry - Angel Wings - Iridescent Pink
Dance Ministry - Angel Wings - Iridescent Pink
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Graceful Pink Angel Wings for Dance Ministry. Made from Iridescent Polyester Pink material.
The wings are 58 inches long. The material is pleated so it expands and retracts. The material 
is 23 feet long measured across the bottom with the pleats expanded. It is not heavy and is
easy to gracefully dance. It is very beautiful and flows gracefully. The rods are included.
They are inserted in the top on both sides. Easy to grip and work with. A velcro neck band
is attached to the middle of the back of the material which goes around the neck to hold the back 
up and on so it does not fall down or off. The neckband is 21" inches long and can be adjusted
for any size neck. It also has an elastic band inside the neckband to add to adjusting to a comfortable
size around the neck. These Wings are great for dance teams, theatrical productions and dance 
ministry specials.