Beth Simcha - Praise and Worship Music CD - NEW RELEASE
Beth Simcha - Praise and Worship Music CD - NEW RELEASE
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New Release - Beth Simcha - Praise and Worship - Music CD

Just released 2012 - Original songs from the Messianic Congregation Beth Simcha in Riverside,California. Written by : Jim Rickard, Steve McConnell, Sheila Oliver, J-Anne Lim, and Dane Sr. Easton. Beautiful vocal stylings by Jim Rickard, J-Anne Lim, Jessica LIm, Josephine Easton and Veronica (Ronnie) Perez

The music and harmonies will uplift you and draw you closer to Yeshua.  The cd is filled with songs that you will want to sing in your congregation. A quote from the cover of the CD says "One of our goals for this CD is for these songs to be sung in your congregation, so we give permission for the lyrics of these songs to be copied in whatever form so people will be able to see the words. Words and chords are on our website"

The songs range from upbeat to sweet melodic harmonies.

Songs on the CD are:

1. Come On Clap Your Hands

2. The Name Of The Lord Shall Be Praised

3. HaTov Shimcha

4. Let Us Go Into The House of The Lord

5. Blessed Be The Name of The Lord

6. You are My Praise

7. The Blessing Of The Messiah

8. We've Entered The Holy of Holies

9. A Love Song To Yeshua

10. Lord Of My Heart

11. V'eresstikhli L'Olam

12. A Talk With God