SHOFARS Rams Horns, Yemenite Shofars, Ashkenazic, Rosh Hashanah

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The standard way of measuring a Shofar is following the curve around from tip to tip

Shofars From Afar carries quality Shofars at affordable prices. Askenazic Rams Horns as well as Yemenite Shofars made from the Kudu. Available in a variety of sizes. Matching Bags and Lucite Shofar Stands also available. When you blow the Shofar the sound is awesome. Many Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians love the sound of the Shofar. Buy one for yourself today. It also makes a great gift.
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The Biblical Use of The Shofar - DVD (SKU: SFA-SHFR-DVD)
Ram's Horn Shofar Small 8"-10"/ Shofar de Cuerno de Carnero Chico 8"-10" (SKU: SFA-RHS-1154)
Rams Horn Shofar Medium 11"- 13"/ Shofar Cuerno de Carnero Mediano 11”-13” (SKU: SFA-RHM-1153)
Shofar & DVD Package Deal (SKU: Sfa-SHDVD-Deal)
Shofar T-shirt and Rams Horn Shofar Package Deal (SKU: SFA-TSSH-Deal)
Rams Horn Shofar - Large 14"-16"/ Shofar Cuerno de Carnero Grande 14”-16” (SKU: SFA-LRM-1152)
Rams Horn Shofar XLarge 17"-20"/ Shofar de Cuerno de Carnero XGrande 17”-20” (SKU: SFA-RHS-1151)
Rams Horn Shofar XXLarge 21"-23"/ Shofar Cuerno de Carnero XXGrande 21”-23” (SKU: SFA-RHS-1150)
Rams Horn Shofar Bag - Velvet/ Bolsa para Shofar de Terciopelo (SKU: SFA-1280)
Embroidered Rams Horn Bag - Brown/ Bolsa para Shofar (SKU: SFA-1278)
Velvet Rams Horn Shofar Bag - Blue/ Bolsa para Shofar Bordada - Azul (SKU: SFA-1279)
Wood Shofar Stand for Rams Horn/ Base para Shofar en Madera (SKU: SFA-1215)
Rams Horn Shofar Stand/ Base para Shofar (SKU: SFA-1213)
Anointing Shofar Rams Horn Leather Accesories/ Shofar para Ungir (SKU: SFA-1175)
Anointing Shofar Silver Plated Rams Horn/ Shofar para Ungir con Plata (SKU: SFA-1176)
The Prophets Mantle Oil - Large / Aceite "Manto Profético" -Grande (SKU: SFA-Prophets4oz-Oil)
Small Yemenite Shofar 26"-31"/ Shofar Yemení Chico 26"-31" (SKU: SFA-1115)
Medium Yemenite Shofar 32" -35" / Shofar Yemení Mediano 32”-35” (SKU: SFA-1114)
Large Yemenite Shofar 36"-39"/ Shofar Yemení Grande 36"-39” (SKU: SFA-1113)
Jumbo Yemenite Shofar 40”-44” / Shofar Yemení Jumbo 40”-44” (SKU: SFA-1112)
XL Jumbo Yemenite Shofar 45" Plus/ Shofar XL Jumbo 45” o más (SKU: SFA-1111)
Yemenite Shofar Black Metal Stand/ Base de Metal para Shofar Yemení (SKU: SFA-1214)
Yemenite Shofar Stand/ Base para Shofar Yemení (SKU: SFA-1212)
Shofar Bag with "For the Trumpet Shall Sound"/ Bolsa para Shofar (SKU: SFA-1275)
Silver Rams Horn Shofar/ Shofar Cuerno de Carnero en Plata (SKU: SFA-1155)
Silver Jerusalem Ornate Yemenite Shofar/ Shofar Jerusalén con Plata (SKU: SFA-1118)
Silver plated Small Yemenite Shofar/ Shofar Yemení Decorado en Plata – Chico (SKU: SFA-1117)
SHOFAR Prayer Shawl Tallit/ Tallit Manto de Oración en Lana "Shofar" (SKU: SFA-TWRSH)
Blow The Shofar In Zion Tallit (SKU: SFA-2709)
Shofar Shalom Tallit, Bag & Kippah/ Shofar Shalom Tallit, Bolsa y Kippah (SKU: SFA-KTJ-TPEA)
Shofar T-Shirt/ Camiseta Shofar (SKU: SFA-Shofar-T)
Ceramic Blow The Shofar Hebrew Shaddai Mezuzah - Parchment Included (SKU: SFA-5142)
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